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RB30 Coil Bracket Kits - Manifolds and Machining

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 NISSAN RB30 Coil Bracket Kits 4

🔧 Have a look at the processes involved in our Billet Coil Bracket Kit!

Crafted to accommodate standard length and stalk, our bracket kit seamlessly fits R35 GTR coils, catering to both factory and aftermarket options.

✨ Our brackets are constructed from top-tier 6061 aluminum, undergoing CNC machining for precision accuracy. This ensures compatibility with a vast array of aftermarket intake manifolds and fuel rails, offering versatility without compromise.

🛠️ Installing the bracket is easy as mate – it bolts effortlessly to standard or billet rockers, complete with all necessary bolts to mount both bracket and coils. Plus, we take pride in our Australian-made quality, ensuring durability and reliability in every kit.

💲 Choose from our options: $50 + delivery for the natural billet finish or $25 + delivery for the sleek anodised black finish, customising your setup to match your style preferences.

🚗 Elevate your RB30 Coil Bracket game and experience top-notch.
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